The Damn Scale!!!

Well I haven’t posted in a while, feeling a little bummed that my weight hasn’t shifted again yet. I’m stuck a little, at least I haven’t gone up but it’s a little frustrating when you stick to plan and still the scale doesn’t move. So my plan this week is to eat less nuts, berries and 85% dark choc, maybe they are stalling me but these foods are so yummy!! so I’m a little frustrated to say the least.

This is my plan, 3 eggs for breakfast either scrambed, omelete (with added cream) this keeps me fuller for longer, I can go 5 hours when I add enough fat. If I have poached eggs I need to add some sort of fat and usually I will add a couple of pecans so I may have to stick to scrambed or omelete or if I feel creative I’ll make hollandaise to go with my eggs YUM!!
Lunch will be chicken nibbles baked to be crispy with a creamy sauce or some cheese on the side.
Dinner will be some meat, vegies with butter, will go easy on pumpkin.
Well time for lunch now and i’m hungryyyyy!!!