Don’t eat till your full

So I’m over my tummy bug yah!! The only good thing that came out of that is I lost 2kg in a couple of days but now I’m too scared to weigh myself again so I have decided to challenge myself to waiting a whole week or even two if I can handle it. I remember when I started this wol I said to my dh and myself I’m only weighing once a week because I don’t want to get obsessed and now I’m weighing daily so I have to really remind myself about the health benefits as opposed to what the scale says, it’s just very hard.

I think my stomach shrunk in the couple of days of the tummy bug and I did the greedy thing on friday night and had my favourite meal – a lettuce wrap filled with chicken, bacon, avocado, camembert, relish and aioli. It was beautiful but I ate wayyyy too much to the point I felt physically uncomfortable and wanted to throw up just to feel better. I didn’t because I can’t make myself do that yuck! So instead I had reflux and horrible pain until 4am that morning, arrrrrhhh!!!! What do I learn from this….don’t eat until I’m full. Everytime I eat now I don’t feel full initially but then I do a couple of hours later, I think this is because protein and fat aren’t immediate energy.