What do I weigh now and what do I eat?

I’ve been doing soo well with only weighing myself once a week, I’ve decided it feels better doing it once a week, the whole once a day thing was driving me crazy! I have broken my stall and lost 3kgs in the last two weeks. I am now weighing 86.5kgs and I was originally 107.1kgs so all up I’ve lost 20.6kgs/45.5lbs!! I like to think of 45lbs of butter when I visulize how much I’ve lost, it’s not exact I know but it keeps me motivated.

I’m so stoked and people are really noticing now, I finally feel like an overweight slimmer person as opposed to a truly obese person. I’m half way there which feels so fantastic I cannot tell you πŸ™‚ My goal is 60-65kgs so I have about 20kgs to go. Nothing tastes as good as slim feels and I’m not even slim yet.

I still don’t feel like I’m dieting at all, I never feel like I miss out, the only time I have found it hard is smelling garlic bread sometimes but other than that I am so very satisfied with the foods I do get to eat. So what do I eat……here’s a sample of what I eat in a day.

Breakfast – 3 free range poached eggs, 5 hazelnuts and a small pc 85% chocolate (I add the nuts and choc to just add a bit more fat) or I will have a Protein Shake with 1 scoop of unflavoured whey, 2 tsps cocoa powder, coconut milk, almond milk, dash cream. In the weekend it’s 3 free range poached eggs and a few slices of free range streaky bacon YUM!! and on sundays it’s scrambled eggs with cream added, dh makes the best scrambled egg.

Lunch – If I’ve had eggs for breakfast and I’m in a hurry I’ll have the above protein shake or I will make a chicken salad with mayo or now I’m having my beloved ‘low carb’ sushi is becoming more frequent and I love it.

Snack – if needed which I don’t usually, I last 5-6hours between my meals, If I don’t add enough fat at my previous meal I only last 4 hours. If I’m having a late dinner or something a snack will be some pistachio nuts, cashews, hazelnuts or pecans or almond butter and maybe a bit of camembert.

Dinner – Pork chops or roast chicken, roast pumpkin (small amount), broccoli and zucchini with gravy – I use about 1/2 tsp guar gum to thicken the gravy and add some cream to make it richer. Or we will have a chicken wrap with bacon, camembert, relish, aioli and iceberg to hold it together – this is usually a friday night dinner. Or a nice piece of eye fillet steak with pepper sauce with a large salad with lots of everything and loads of avacado and homemade mayo.

Desert – only sometimes when I feel like it – Raspberries/blueberries with shredded coconut, slivered almonds, 85% chocolate and cream. Or a passionfruit, or just a couple of pcs of 85% chocolate.

Drinks – soda water, water and raspberry tea, I don’t drink anything else, I hate artificial sweetners for hot drinks and coffee make’s me more anxious.

So there you have it, doesn’t really look like a diet to me. As you can see I don’t eat a lot of fruit, I’m not a big fruit person anyway and it does slow my weight loss.

It does feel great to be down to my wedding weight which was two years ago now, the same weight I am in my profile pic πŸ™‚