A Treat!

I went out for ‘coffee and desert’ last night with hubby and usually would just have a raspberry tea and let him eat the desert and it never bothers me but I just thought oh I’ll have a little bit, and I did pretty well, we had a custard square which is not like your bakery one it’s a homemade one and omg it’s good. I only ate the filling with plenty of cream so no icing and no pastry. The filling is the best part very Moorish but I only had a little bit, then a decaf flat white which I haven’t had for soo long, I’m not a big coffee drinker. It was a nice little treat but also a nice little reminder of why a don’t eat sweet food, the headache and fogginess that followed and even today I’m feeling a little off. I’m pretty sensitive to sweet stuff so I’m paying for it today in how I’m feeling.

Today my eating has been great though which it normally is, Breakfast was an omelette filled with spinach, feta and bacon om nom!! And lunch was frozen raspberries with cream and a scoop of protein powder blended up, tastes like frozen berry yoghurt, it’s soo good, I topped it with slivered almonds and grated 85% choc. I haven’t had the desire to eat anything off plan so that’s great, it obviously hasn’t triggered cravings so far which is what I was worried about so we’ll see. It’s my birthday on Tuesday so I think I will make some of my berry cheesecake for that. Weight is good, down to 82kg so wohoo, but I’m not weighing again for a week!