How often do you weigh yourself?

I’ve just read an article in the latest ‘OK!’ magazine about a mother and daughter from Australia’s Biggest Loser. Meaghan and Julie, they have both lost substantial amounts of weight, Meaghan lost 36.4kg and Julie 43.6kg, they do look fabulous, I love reading success stories of their life transformation.
Here’s a link to some before pictures–julie–meaghan/20090123-2gci.html and the after pictures

In one of the questions OK asks is Do you still weigh yourself now?
Meghan and Julie: “Yeah!”
Julie: “Every day in fact, which I know probably isn’t healthy, but I’ve got to keep on top of it. I don’t want to wait until the end of the week and realise I’ve put on two kilos! I know it’s too hard to take off! So I’m keeping track on a daily basis.”

I don’t blame her for weighing herself everyday, when you’ve lost a lot of weight you obviously want to stay on top of it.

They are eating what I would call low fat, moderate protein, moderate carbs. Meaghan’s Diet example is Breakfast: 30gms of oats with four egg whites, low-fat yoghurt and a spoonful of jam’, Lunch: Grilled chicken salad, Dinner: Steamed vegies and maybe a serving of fish for dinner. So it probably feels like a bit of a struggle to take the weight off. When you are low carbing and keeping enough fat in your diet it totally changes the struggle factor.

So I’ve just put up a poll because I’d love to know how often you weigh yourself… I’m a once a week weigh er at the moment but sometimes sneak a mid week weigh, I do find it hard to wait a week, it feels like ages. I know the change in lifestyle is just that, a change in lifestyle and shouldn’t be focused on the scale but for me it helps keep me motivated, some say weighing yourself is addictive and I think they are right, whoever ‘they’ are!

I had a big night on Saturday and was out till 3am with dh and friends. People are surprised I have the stamina especially since I don’t drink alcohol. I sometimes feel hungover anyway just because of the late night. So yesterday was a very easy day, I went to bed early because I was soo tired, I’m still a little weary today and have decided to fast today because I’m feeling a little gluttonous from the weekend, just a bit of overindulgence, not necessarily with high carb foods though, just too much in general.

On another note I’ve asked our local library to order Good Calories, Bad Calories so I’m waiting for that to arrive, I can’t wait to read it. I think Mark Sisson’s book is out soon so I will be purchasing that as soon as it’s available for purchase. I need a good book to read and I’m only really in to books like that.