Dairy Mussings

So I’m feeling really crap this week, I have a bad case of the common cold which is making me feel like absolute shit to be honest. I haven’t been sick since low carb living, and I wasn’t expecting to pick up DH’s cold because I eat so much better than him but after a full on weekend away and starting up this business I might just be a bit run down, so a few days of lots of rest and hopefully I’ll kick it. When I used to get sick it would always turn into an infection and last a good 2 weeks, I’m extremely optimistic this won’t happen this time as I’m sure my immune system is much much better.

As for my eating, I’ve been really good, I will admit though I am missing my dairy like crazy!!! I think I have decided to incorporate some back into my eating, small amounts of butter and cream but this time organic. Not having any at all was making me feel like I was on a diet and I’m not a fan of feeling soo restricted. Part of getting to eat all this wonderful low carb food means I should be able to have some whipped cream with berries or butter on my veggies if I choose to.

I’m still going to limit my cheese intake, as I was sometimes using this as a sole protein source for lunch which was not good, just being lazy I guess. I will keep cheese for a sensible vice food.