Trip to the GYM!

Today I had my appointment with a trainer at the gym to go through my first workout. They also did my body fat percentage with callipers and I’m stoked to report it was 32.8% so it was much lower than the scale measurement which came in at 40.3%. That’s a huge difference so I was pleased that they pinched my fat lol. They’ve done me a split program so upper body on one day and lower on another day which means I can go on more days and not lose momentum…hopefully 😉

We just went through the whole upper and lower workout but only 1 set and then next time I go it will be 2 sets and then 3 sets. It was super hard, I am extremely unfit so it was definitely challenging, but this is what I want, I’m not going there to hop on a piece of cardio equipment and read a magazine. I can already tell I’m going to be very sore tomorrow…bring it on, I love sore muscles!