I’m back!

So I have finally got my laptop back 🙂 It’s actually been good not having it, I haven’t wasted so much time surfing the net! But I did miss blogging. The other thing is my business is really started to take off and I’m super busy which is wonderful but this does mean there is less time for blogging also 😦

I’ve been doing so great with exercise, it’s been just over a month of going to the gym and I can feel the difference and see a little change. I only do weight training at the gym, no cardio apart from maybe a warm up if I need it. Today I weigh 74.8kgs so I have lost just over 2kgs but more importantly 1.5inches off my hips, 0.5 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my belly and 1 inch from the top of my thigh. So that’s pretty awesome and dh said he can really notice the difference and I’m really starting to feel strong! I can even do one or two male pushups and there was no way in hell I could do one of those before lol

So I will try and blog once a week but will have to see how I go….