Day 3 Primal Challenge

I’m still feeling awful, had a terrible night of fevers and nausea but it’s not quite as bad today. I had ¼ apple with a little almond butter this afternoon to see if I could handle any food. It was a bit hard to eat as my tongue is full of sores 😦 It’s definitely the flu, my dh said he’s never seen me be so quiet, usually I piss and moan when I have a cold but the flu is much much worse, I feel too damn sick to even talk much.

I’m already missing the gym and it’s really sucky lying in bed most of the day, it’s very boring but I am very tired and need the rest so I can heal. I’m hoping with the fasting I’ll get over this soon, cross fingers!

4pm: ¼ apple with a little bit of almond butter
Hot lemon drinks and loads of water.