Days 23,24,25, 26, 27 & 28 Primal Challenge

Day 23:
Fasted all day
6.30pm Pork Apple Burger Patty topped with Smoked cheese, pineapple, bacon, fried mushrooms. Mesclun, 1/4 avocado and Japanese Mayo. 6 small pcs Green and Blacks 85% choc

Day 24:
9am 2 egg Omelet w cream, filled with 1/2 zucchini, Parmesan and 1 Tbsp Pesto.
6pm Homemade Chicken Korma with Cauliflower “Rice”, 6 pcs Green and Blacks 85% choc

Day 25:
7.30am 2 Poached eggs and 3 strips Bacon
11am 4 walnuts and 1 pc Lindt 85%
2pm Mesclun w Avocado, smoked salmon and crispy bacon, topped with Japanese Mayo…OMG so good I had to take a photo to share with you!

7.15pm Friend for dinner: Pork Belly w crackling, broccoli, cauli, zucchini, carrot, red pepper stir fried with tamari. Beef, cream and red wine reduction. Raspberries with whipped cream topped with old gold 70% choc grated on top. Tiny bit of smoked cheese, Camembert and a few pistachios.

Day 26
Fasted all day, went shopping with a friend, bought a size 12 pair of jeans!! a big change from the size 20 I used to wear. Felt damn good about myself 🙂
5pm Decaf vienna and 2pcs Green & Blacks 85% choc
7.15pm Dinner from Sushi Ninja: 6 pcs of Chicku-mayo (Japanese fishcakes), Edamame beans. 4 pcs Green & Blacks 85% choc
11pm Inside of cheeseburger with bacon

Day 27
9.30am Scrambled eggs and 3 strips of bacon
10.15am Decaf vienna and 2pcs Green & Blacks 85% choc
1pm 3 Cheerios (small saveloy’s) with tomato sauce
7pm Out for dinner at Sister in law:
Roast pork w crackling and apple sauce, roasted pumpkin and carrot, broccoli and cauli with cheese sauce. Didn’t have their pudding just had my usual chocolate
Very very full!

Day 28
8am 2 egg Omelet w cream, filled with a few fried cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and Smoked salmon. 1 pc Lindt 85% choc
6.30pm Pork Belly, kumara skins, broccoli and cauli with cheese sauce (cream reduction and cheese) 3 pcs Lindt 85% choc

Week 4 weigh in 71.8kgs, wohoo down 0.9kg 🙂
My god I have had A LOT of pork this week! I do love it though.