Days 29 & 30 Primal Challenge

Day 29
Fasted all day
7.30pm Chicken Nibbles marinated in Dijon, tamari, garlic, ginger and cream. Fried in butter mmmmmm! with Broccoli and zucchini topped with pesto.
3 pcs Lindt 85%

Day 30 Last day of challenge weigh in 71.3kg!
So on the final day of the challenge I’m finally feeling back to my complete normal self after being sick for so long. I went to the gym at 7.30am and did an easy 40min upper body workout. Felt really great being back!
11.45am Leftover Chicken Nibbles
6.30pm Beef Tataki with large salad (see photo), a little too much green and blacks 85% chocolate, seriously it’s just too smooth!!

So my 30 day challenge has come to an end! My goals were:

1. Continue Losing body fat – 3kgs / 6.6lbs and my goal was to lose 5lbs so I did really well.

2. Increase strength – this one really suffered because I was sick and couldn’t go to the gym! This something I will continue to work at.

3. Eat more vegies – think I did pretty well with this one

4. One 24hr fast a week – totally got this one sorted, even two 24hr fasts in a week, it’s getting easier and eaiser to fast the more I do it.

The life long challenge never really ends and it’s a journey I will be on for life because I’m determined to keep this weight off and keep living healthy! Hopefully some of you have been inspired and it sounds like my menus are giving you all some good ideas.