Sue’s Questions Answered

I’ve had a few questions in my comments section from Sue, thanks sue! I thought I would do a new post with the answers and that way everyone gets to read it 🙂

What was it that helped you get into the right mind set to start losing weight?

Good question….What made me start the journey was seeing how big I had become from a photo my husband took. Luckily for me it was enough to start. I was also sick of the ups and downs in energy I had so I knew diet played a huge role in this.
In terms of mind set it’s hard to say…Once I realised all the nice food I could eat I focused on that instead of focusing on the fact I couldn’t eat the high carb foods. I just kept reminding myself about how good I was going to feel in terms of energy also I knew that being smaller would feel so good and believe me it does. Small things like sitting cross legged or just walking past a window that show’s your reflection.
I guess I knew it was also essential for me to lose the weight now before I even thought about starting a family, I wanted to get some really good boundaries in place. Now I know that when I do start a family I can keep myself in shape and also teach them how to eat.

What is Japanese mayo and decaf vienna?

Japanese mayo is kinda hard to explain but it’s just super yummy mayo. It’s actually called Yum Yum sauce on the bottle. I get it from either the ethnic part of the supermarket or asian food supplies.
Decaf Vienna is a long black coffee with lots of whipped cream instead of milk, it’s what I have when we do coffee, which happens quite a lot 😉

Here’s a picture of what they are supposed to look like. Mine usually has less cream because I think cafe’s don’t serve that much cream in them, a true vienna should look like this though.

How do you do your beef, cream, red wine reduction?

I buy a beef reduction from the supermarket, it’s a chef’s speciality item and costs a fortune but you can just make your own with reducing beef stock over a heated pot. Then I add cream and a little red wine and just cook until it reduces into a thick sauce, it’s super yummy and way better than traditional gravy.