A bit of indulgenge!

I’m already a little bored posting a log of my food log!! So instead I’ll just post some photos and descriptions for some of the things I think are worth it…

Here’s what I had the other night, pork strips slow baked for 3 hours with some applesauce, brocolli with cream reduction cheese sauce and fried kumara skins! nom nom

I had a little night of indulgence in the weekend which doesn’t happen often so dh took a photo of me eating the desert which we shared on saturday night, it was Kahlua and white chocolate cheesecake and OMG!! it was really amazing. Glad we shared it because half a piece was definately enough. I almost look evil and very sneaky in this photo…LOL

Sunday was great, back to my standard bacon and eggs weekend breakfast and cravings are very minimal thank god.

I’ve done four 1 hour workouts this week, on sunday I also tried some speedball which was soo much fun, definately harder than it looks though.