It’s been a year!

Hi all, yes I’m still here, sorry I’m getting pretty slack with this blog!
It’s been a year since I started this low carb journey and i’ve lost 40kgs!! 88lbs!!
I have never felt better and I’m finally starting to feel like a slim healthy person. I went shopping for my first dress purchase since losing the weight, we have my mother in laws 60th party in a couple of weeks and I wanted to spoil myself.

I bought a NZ size 10 and I couldn’t believe it, it’s such a huge change from the size 18 and 20’s I used to wear. I still pick up larger sizes than what I need which I guess makes sense, it’s taking a while for my brain to catch up and realise how much smaller I am now. My weight is 67kg exactly an I’ve hovered around that for a couple of weeks now just enjoying it and having a little more food than normal.

Will be back into weight loss mode soon and my goal is 60-65kg so not really that far from goal anyway. Yes I will post some photos as soon as I reach 65 🙂 Hope your all doing well!