An updated Picture and ‘Cauliflower Pizza’

I had an updated picture on Marks Daily Apple earlier this week, you can view it here:

Most of you have probably seen it already if you are faithful MDA readers like I am, if not you should definately have a look, not just because of my update but because of Griff, he’s doing incredibly well and is just proving how powerful Primal/Low carb can be. I think he is so brave for posting his pictures, It can’t have been easy for him, I’m sure it will give an awful lot of people real hope.

On another note I made an awesome lunch the other day and it came out beautifully. I have made Cauliflower Pizza before but it didn’t come out the greatest, somehow this one did, I could even pick it up and eat it with my hands which was cool.

Here’s a picture, it was a Bacon, onion, herb and cream cheese pizza, oh yum!

This isn’t something I eat often but it’s a great treat! Here’s the original recipe for the base:

The topping was the following: Softened Cream cheese, Italian herbs, caramelised onions, bacon, mozerella and parmesan.