Food Journal Week 1

As promised my weekly weigh in….71kg exactly so that’s a 1.4kg loss, I’m absolutely stoked with that, I’m aware I won’t have losses like that every week, probably more like 1kg or less but the first week is always more.  Soo I’ve typed out my food journal for you also, you will see how much I love bacon and I love dark chocolate and I can still eat it and lose 🙂
Friday 14th January 2011 Start weight 72.4
1:15pm Pork rack – 2 med sized loins with crackling, cream + stock reduction, 2 almond crackers, 1 pc of 85% Lindt and 1 30gm Macadamia dark chocolate (70%) bar
4pm Decaf Flat White w 1tsp sugar
7:30pm Out to dinner: 3 egg Omelet filled mushrooms, tomato, onion, bacon and cheese with a small salad on the side.

9pm Decaf Flat White w 1tsp sugar and 1 pc of 85% Lindt

Saturday 15th January 2011
8:20am 2 poached eggs, 5 strips streaky bacon with homemade hollandaise
11:15am Decaf Flat White w 1tsp sugar, 1 pc 85% Lindt
2pm Homemade Guacamole with 1 large avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander, lemon juice, salt and hot sauce, thin almond crackers as my “chips” approx 10 of them.  2 pcs 85% Lindt

5pm 2 small Decaf Flat Whites w 1tsp sugar in each

8pm Thai for dinner: 2 stuffed chicken wings, stuffed with pork mince and herbs and deep fried (no breading), Satay Chicken with tons of veggies and cashews, Thai green chicken curry.  2 pcs 85% Lindt

Sunday 16th January 2011
1:13pm  2 slices of Coconut Bread topped with butter and almond butter, 2 pcs 85% Lindt
2pm Decaf Flat White w 1tsp sugar, 2 pcs 70% chocolate

Monday 17th January 2011
12:45pm 1 slice of Coconut bread made into French toast topped with Creamy mushrooms and 2 large pieces of grilled middle bacon (see photo) 1 almond cracker and 1 pc 85% Lindt
6:45pm Pork rack – 2 med sized loins with crackling with cream + stock reduction, roast pumpkin, silverbeet and broccoli, 1 pc 85% Lindt

Tuesday 18th January 2011

8:45am 2 Poached eggs, 2 large pieces of grilled middle bacon, 1 pc of fried in butter Coconut bread with almond butter
5:50pm 2 pieces of Meatza topped with cream cheese, sun dried tomato and tomato paste, cherry tomatoes, bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, mozzarella and Parmesan, 1 pc 85% Lindt
Wednesday 19th January 2011
1:30pm 3 Large pieces of grilled middle bacon topped with 3 large slices of mozzarella cheese and herb salt, 1 almond cracker, 1 pc 85% Lindt
7:30pm Large Chicken Salad, chicken coated in Tuscan seasoning and fried in butter, salad – Spinach greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, half an avocado, fresh coriander, basil feta with yum yum mayo, 1 pc 85% Lindt
Thursday 20th January 2011
11:30am 3 Large pieces of grilled middle bacon, 5 Parmesan crisps, 10 pistachio’s.
5:45pm Roast Chicken with stock + cream reduction, roast parsnip, carrot and pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini, green beans with cashew nuts sauteed in butter. 1/2 piece 85% Lindt
30min walk.

Friday 21st January 2011 Weigh in 71kg