Food Journal Week 4

Friday 4th February 2011

12pm BBQ’d Lamb Steak marinated with Italian seasoning, Edamame beans fried in butter and tamari topped with yum yum mayo, 2 almond crackers, 2 pieces 85% Lindt.
7pm Roast boneless chicken stuffed with cheese and bacon, roast pumpkin, parsnip and carrot, broccoli with gravy + cream reduction. 1 piece Primal Brownie w greek yoghurt, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
Saturday 5th February 2011
8am Large piece of brownie, 5 slices of grilled bacon, 2 poached eggs and homemade hollandaise, too full so only ate 3 pcs of the bacon and 1 egg, that’s what happens when you eat brownie for breakfast doh!
6pm 2 chicken wings stuffed with seasoned pork mince deep fried nom nom, satay chicken with added cashews.  1 piece of Brownie with cream, hand full of pistachios  and 2 pieces of 85% Lindt.  Got too full and had reflux all night!
Sunday 6th February 2011
1pm Guacamole made with avocado, 1 tsp sour
cream, chopped up cherry tomatoes, coriander/cilantro, hot sauce, lemon juice s&p, 12 almond crackers to go with guacamole, 2 pieces of brownie and 1 decaf flat white with 1 tsp sugar.
7pm Spinach greens topped with cucumber, cherry toms, avocado, roast pumpkin, chicken, bacon and feta with balsamic and avocado oil.  3 pieces of 70% Dark Ghana
Terrible day of chocolate cravings today, that time of a girls month where all hell breaks lose!

Monday 7th February 2011

9am 2 egg omelet w cream fried in butter, filled w ham, tomato, coriander/cilantro and cheese, 2 pieces of 85% lindt.
2pm BBQ Bacon double cheeseburger w extra mayo (no bun), 2 pieces of 85% lindt, 1 almond cracker.
6:30pm 4 lamb cutlets with cream + lamb stock reduction, broccoli, green beans, edamame beans with yum yum mayo and field mushrooms, 2 pieces of 85% Lindt.
Tuesday 8th February 2011
12pm 5 small chicken nibbles fried in butter, 3 almond crackers, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
2pm 2 pieces of sweet and salty dark chocolate
5:45pm Pork stir fry – onion, ginger, garlic, carrot, full of beans mix (yellow, green and edamame), slow roasted pork slices, almond butter, tamari, beef stock and coconut cream, 3 pieces of 70% Dark Ghana and 2 pieces 85% Lindt.  Couldn’t finish all my dinner, left about 1/4 of it.

Wednesday 9th February 2011
6pm Roast chicken, gravy + cream reduction, roast carrot, broccoli, beans + cashews fried in butter.  3 pieces of 85% Lindt.

Thursday 10th February 2011
10:30am Scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon made by my wonderful husband after a few stressful days at work thought he’d make me breakfast 🙂 2 pieces 85% lindt.
3pm 3 almond crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon + herb salt, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
7:30pm 3chicken wings stuffed with seasoned pork mince deep fried from thai takeaways nom!!, 1 30gm Macbar – 70% Dark chocolate with macadamias (locally made too)

9pm 3 almond crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon + herb salt, 1 piece 85% Lindt topped with almond butter.

Friday 11th February 2011 weigh in 70.7 – so no weight loss this week, i’m actually shocked that I didn’t gain due to the insane amount of food I have eaten this week eg far too much brownie.  No excuses though I’m aiming to hit the 60’s next week so time to get a bit stricter!  Hope you are all still enjoying the journal and pictures 🙂