Food Journal Week 7

Friday 4th March 2011
1pm 1 pork sausage and 1 chicken + cheese sausage, 4 pieces 85% Lindt.
6:15pm 2 slices Pork Meatza made with tomatoe paste, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green capsicum, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple and mozarella cheese.

Saturday 5th March 2011
8am 2 slices leftover Meatza, MacBar
1pm Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, Chicken + cheese sausage
7pm Sushi Ninja: Sashimi 6 pieces Salmon, tuna, white fish, chickumayo, edamame, 2 crumbed prawns and mayo.  MacBar

Sunday 6th March 2011
9am Scrambed eggs, 4 pieces Bacon, 2 pieces 72% Dark Gharna
11am Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 2 x MacBars
4pm 2 pieces Bacon
7pm Homemade Thai green chicken curry with cauliflower rice. MacBar, 3 pieces 72% Dark Gharna

Monday 7th March 2011
10am Coconut flat bread (2 pieces) fried in butter topped with cheese, egg, bacon and avocado, 2 pieces 85% Lindt.

12pm 1 hour BodyBalance
6:30pm Lamb Rump, roast pumpkin and parsnip, silverbeet + beef/cream reduction, 3 pieces homemade MacChoc.

Tuesday 8th March 2011
8:45am 2 egg with cream Omelet filled with bacon, cheese, tomato, corriander, 1 piece Lindt + 2 pieces homemade MacChoc.
3pm 1/2 pork sausage with BBQ sauce, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
6:30pm 1 hour Pilates Class
7:45pm Angus Pure Scotch Fillet Steak with homemade pepper sauce (cream reduction with pepper), large saland with spinach greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado and feta, 2 pieces 85% Lindt.

Wednesday 9th March 2011
9am 2 poached eggs and 4 pieces bacon
10am Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 1 MacBar
6:30pm 1 hour SwissBall Class
7:45pm Roast House: Roast Pork with crackling, chicken, roast pumpkin, beans with traditional gravy, 1 MacBar

Thursday 10th March 2011
8am Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 2 pieces 85% Lindt
9am Scrambled eggs and 4 pieces Bacon
4pm 2 almond crackers, 2 pices 85% Lindt
6pm Chicken and Bacon homemade Carbonara, Zucchini instead of Pasta with roast pumpkin, pinenuts, sundried tomatoes, cream cheese and cream.  2 pieces homemade MacChoc.

Friday 11th March 2011 Weigh in 68.9kg so a 400gm gain
Not exactly a weight loss week this week, still pretty primal but just too much food in general aswell as that time of the month! A little emotional eating with the chocolate, hopefully next week I can rein it in a little better 🙂  Hope your all still enjoying the food journals feels a little boring to me but it’s keep me motivated and I’m sure there will be some people that will find it helpful!