30th Birthday and a hair chop!!!

Hi everyone! Just want to apologise for the lack of posts, May has been a crazy month! I have just turned 30 last week and had an amazing birthday with my closest family and friends! I had my hair chopped off, have reached 66kgs and feeling pretty damn good, 30 is feeling like it’s going to be my best years!

So I have been useless with my food diary so unfortunately I don’t have the updates like I said I would, sorry for those of you that have been enjoying that.  I’ve been eating really well apart from my birthday and a couple of little slips I’m still pretty strict primal.  I definitely indulged way too much on my birthday but it’s not every day you turn 30.  Hope you enjoy the pics…

 30 amazing cupcakes from Petals cupcakes in Newmarket, I know it’s a primal blog but just wanted to share

My seafood platter om nom!!!