It’s been a crap week!

I’ve had a crap week, I’m premenstrual, have a sore throat and feel very fluey! I’ve been battling rampant sugar cravings all week, after indulging over the weekend in some hot chips with my dinner followed by some cookies and cream ice cream, caramel steamed pudding and hot chocolate sauce but it was soooo good.  Will I ever learn….probably not.  I know that the sugar cravings will always come after ingesting the non primal treats but I don’t think that will ever stop me from indulging just a little.  I have come a long way, when I used to go nuts and eat soo much of it thinking I may as well do this properly, to now I can just have a meals worth and not drag it out for a couple of days like I once did.  I should be happy that I have learned some self control really but unfortunately I still feel quite vulnerable to the grip sugar and starches can have on my eating.  I am human after all and I shouldn’t expect so much from myself.

So since I have eaten a bit of rubbish and the added water retention I always get at that time of the month my weight is 67.3 this week!  Ah well, I’ll eventually get to my goal and I’m sure when I get there I will still find some kind of self improvement to work on, when I was 54kgs back when I was 23 after doing Atkins I remember thinking well I’m thin, now what… I do think that unless you have self love and true happiness that no number on the scale will ever give you the happiness you think it will.  In saying that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having goals and reaching them, when I’m slim I do feel so much better about myself, I love to be able to fit all the clothes I adore so much and it sure makes exercise and life in general much more comfortable.  I love that I don’t have to dodge photos like I used to and I feel pretty happy in my skin most of the time, we all have down days, I think that’s just part of being a female, gotta love those hormones 🙂

I haven’t recorded my food, think I’m over it for the moment.  Maybe I’ll start back up when I feel the urge but for now sorry it’s just not at the fore front of my mind.
I have however as always taken photos of a few of my meals, nothing all that exciting but a bit of eye candy for you all.  Enjoy your Queens Birthday weekend!!

Almond crusted Double down, pretty amazing!!

Pork Belly with mashed pumpkin w cream cheese, broccoli and cauli with cheese sauce

Zucchini and Pumpkin Carbonara with chicken, bacon, sundried tomatoes, feta and pinenuts, a whole lot yummier than how it looks and yes I ate the whole plate, I was hungry!! 😉

Pork Belly with Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Mustard Dressing (from Marks first cookbook)  Very very tasty!

I tried the crepes out of Mark Sissons new cookbook today and served it with blueberry yogurt, very yummy!