Scales reflection!

A few things that I realised after my month challenge of staying off the scales….

I did it! I stayed off for an entire month, this coming from someone who loves numbers, I love to have data that I can keep a track of. It was super hard in the beginning to let go of my attachment to the numbers but I stayed strong and as the days turned into weeks it became a lot easier. I can officially say that I’ve broken the chains to the scale!

Because my morning wasn’t started with a ‘number’ I didn’t have any reason to beat myself up for not being the exact number I thought I should be nor did I feel stoked that I got away with eating crap and my weight hadn’t changed! My day felt normal and I could put effort into just eating well and not thinking about the number.

Now I know that I’m not defined by the scale I feel a better relationship with my body, self love is soo important to helping you make better choices throughout the day!

I will continue to not weigh daily now; it will be a weekly maybe bi-weekly weigh, used only as one form of measurement to keep an eye on my weight.

This has been a really important part of my body acceptance, I know that I will never be some perfect weight and the numbers that I’ve always thought I should be don’t seem to have that power over me anymore, it’s changed how I feel about feeding my body with good food.