Crispy Pork Belly!

This is a thai version of cripsy pork belly! Definitely not for the faint-hearted 😉
This takes a lot of preparation but completely worth it….the orginal recipe can be found here:

  • 1 kg pork belly or more
  • 2 Tablespoons of kikkoman gluten free soy sauce or Coconut Aminos
  • a sprinkle of sugar
  • dash of pepper
  • beef tallow for deep frying

Marinate your pork belly with the soy, sugar and pepper for at least 4 hours or overnight.  Remove marinated pork from fridge and steam over a steamer or pot steamer for 1 hour, check the water and top up with boiling water if necessary.

Remove pork from the steamer, prick the pork skin all over with a folk. Mix 2tbs of salt and 1tbs of white vinegar into a paste and rub it over the pork skin. Cut pork into 2cm strips and leave them in the fridge uncovered overnight, this is a very important step to dry the pork out.

Fry pork strips in hot beef tallow until golden delicious.  Drain well and it’s ready to be eaten!!
I didn’t want to overcook mine so I removed them, sliced the pork skin off and put the skin back into the deep fryer until crispy!  I kept the stock from the steamer and then made a gravy with it, I found it too rich with the pork belly so instead we opted for some sweet chilli sauce and it was AMAZING!!