How you know when you have it dialled in?

The best thing about finally finding something that works for you is you stop searching for answers.  For me Primal works and I’m eternally grateful to Mark Sisson for all of his work in creating The Primal Blueprint, Primal is now my life and I would never consider going back to how I used to eat over 4 years ago.  
Because I’ve dropped such a huge amount of weight and kept it off for several years…I’ve stopped looking for other answers, yes I still have a few kilos I’d like to lose but I know that I can do it following primal, I just need to dial it back in again and stop having the indulgences that have crept back in.   
I will never be on the constant search for the next ‘diet’, it’s such a freeing feeling!

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that I don’t buy health magazines anymore, and I don’t skip to the ‘nutrition’ part of any of the other trashy magazines like I once did.

Check out the covers of just a handful of some of my old magazines…

‘Our new miracle diet’
‘Little health tweaks BIG RESULTS!’
‘Bikini Body Now!’
‘Drop 10 lbs in a week!’
‘Get toned arms fast’

The one thing these all have in common is big promises! 
I’m guilty of buying these magazines and thinking that this ‘diet’ will be different and will work.  They never did and it wasn’t until I found Primal that I ‘got it’, I understand how my body works and I don’t need to be trying different diets anymore.

Diets don’t always fail, people fail.  Harsh but true.  What you need to find is something that you can stick with and make those changes for life.  Losing weight shouldn’t be about deprivation, I’ve never felt deprived or ravenously hungry while losing weight.  Sure I’d love to go and have a pizza and still lose weight but that just simply isn’t going to ever happen. Until you can understand this you’ll probably be stuck on the mouse wheel.

I don’t need to buy any of these magazines for the health tips because I have found what works for me, so why would I need to try anything else?


“10 superfoods you can try today!” – No thanks I’m Primal.

I know how to lose body fat, get fit and be healthy, I have the answers and I know exactly how to dial it in.  The question is…”How badly to you want it?