Food snaps and why my scale is gone!

Just a general update guys! I hope that you are all still enjoying my blog.  I get a little bored sometimes constantly blogging about what I eat but I always get a lot of emails telling me how helpful it is so that’s why I do it.

For any of you scale addicts out there please check this out:

I haven’t weighed on the scale for a long time now, I don’t track my progress that way anymore, it’s a far cry from the woman I used to be who was a little obsessed with the scale.  I still can’t believe that I’ve managed to ditch it and I feel far healthier for it.

I’m happy with the the size I am, I’m much more focused with toning my body, I was giving the scale too much power and it was dictating how I was feeling each day, now I just measure every few weeks and my clothes will tell me pretty fast if I’m not reaching my goals, I wear jeans almost daily so I’d know very fast.

I’m back into weight training and loving it, doing some personal training with my Pilates instructor and enjoying every minute of it, I do love the feeling of sore muscles and I’m feeling really healthy.  Here’s a few snaps of my food, I update on Facebook more than on here as it’s faster so be sure you head over and like my page if you want updates on my food and motivation etc…