Change in my face!

I was flicking through some old photos last night, I had to share the huge change in my face, it’s not always about the body! My eyes were being swallowed by the fat and I could barely crack a smile 😦 That was in 2008, fast forward four years which you all know the history and if not feel free to read my story here:

I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life as I do right now, the braces are also making a huge difference to my confidence and they aren’t even off yet!  I saw my dentist the other week and all is going well, the top should be off just before Christmas and the bottom in February 2013.  The changes have been huge, I no longer grind my teeth, I can breathe through my nose and my jaw shape has changed quite a lot, almost like a mini facelift not to mention how much more I’m smiling now!  It’s been tough, painful and has cost me a small fortune 😉 Worth all the pain and every penny spent!