Day 3 Primal Challenge 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
9am: 2 egg omelet made with cream, filled with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese, 4 pcs 70% peppermint chocolate
2pm: Spicy chicken soup
8pm: Chicken breast with skin coated in pesto and wrapped in bacon, roasted sweet potato and parsnip, broccoli and cheese sauce (cream reduction, seasoning and Egmont cheese) 4 pcs 70% peppermint chocolate

It’s been a good day today, feeling confident I can go the whole 21 days with no slips, after all I should be able to, I managed an entire year when I was losing all the weight, how hard can 21 days be right?!!

Biggest test will be while I’m away for the weekend and to resist temptation!