Angela loses 53kgs!!!

Angela’s story:

The before picture was taken in November 2010, just a couple of weeks before i started my weight loss journey. At the time I weighed 134kg and my health was starting to suffer, I was constantly tired and my legs ached by the end of the day. I couldn’t walk far and i felt really sluggish. I went to see my doctor for an unrelated matter to my weight and he said “You are a ticking time bomb”. It was that one sentence that started my weight loss journey. I went home and decided I HAD to make changes or face major health problems. I started by joining Configure Express Gym, I started to eat good healthy unprocessed foods, no more grains for me!

Straight away I started to feel fantastic, my energy increased, my aches and pains went away and my sleep improved. To date I have lost 53 kilos (114 pounds), it has taken me 18 months, I still have a bit more to go until I’m satisfied but i finally feel happy and healthy!

Hasn’t she done amazing, I have personally met Angela as she lives in my hometown also. She’s an amazing lady and I’m so proud of her transformation, I hope that this story inspires you! Please feel free to leave comments, I know she will read them and will be happy to answer any questions.