Reflections about my journey!

Here are some of the things that have changed for me over my almost 5 year weight loss/health journey:

I no longer obsess over the numbers, I have chosen not to weigh myself anymore, while I know I am not as small as my original lowest weight I feel like I’m at a place where I don’t have to eat so strictly to maintain and that feels healthy for me even if it means I’m not my ‘skinniest’.

I eat healthy food most of the time because it makes me feel good not because of the amount of calories or the carbohydrate content in a particular food (this has taken me a long time to achieve). I also enjoy some indulgences as I’m such a foodie and I get a lot of pleasure from beautifully made treats, I just have to limit it.

I’ve always been a bit up and down with the exercise over the years but this year something finally clicked for me. I have been exercising consistently since January this year, I actually want to do it for the first time in my life, I do whatever my body feels like doing even if that means resting, my activities include Walking, Bike riding, Weight training or Pilates and I feel amazing!

For the first time on my journey I feel like I am the healthiest and the happiest I have ever been. You would think being the thinnest would make me the happiest but it honestly didn’t, I’ve been every weight from 54-107kgs in my 20’s and I’ve known my exact weight everyday for all those years. Now I’m approaching 32 and I don’t know my exact number and that feels beyond freeing.