When you’ve spent a period of your life as an obese person your perspective on your body changes. While I don’t have a perfect body, I have started to accept and celebrate my body for how it is now. I may never have a flat stomach or abs, I’ll always have stretch marks and excess skin unless I go down the surgical route and while I still have moments where I doubt myself and think I need to improve my body I know that in the big picture of life it’s not the be all and end all. So as I lay here in the sunshine reflecting on my journey I feel happy, I’m in my bikini in my imperfect body and I’m not thinking of ways in which to perfect it. I am happy and grateful just to be at a healthy weight and living a healthy life. Β It may have taken 15+ years of my life to get here but with each year of my journey I feel like I’m finding peace with my body πŸ˜„