Ask Questions!

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This next chapter of my journey has evolved purely from the fact that I got sick and tired of the labels and the scare tactics that are used in the so called “health” world. Since some of my views have changed some of my audience has also changed, moderation and balance isn’t an easy sell, thankfully I’m not actually selling anything otherwise I would be broke by now! You can’t sell eating everything in moderation because there’s not some dramatic diet or exercise program to sign up to. It’s a whole lot tougher than any diet I’ve ever done, I have had to trust my body and that’s something I’ve never been able to do up until now.

My experience with finding balance hasn’t been perfect and that’s the beauty with it, it’s a ongoing practice and I’m becoming much better at it overtime. Why I share it with you all is because I know that deep down there are others out there struggling with this very real disordered relationship with food. I know that I’m not alone and just knowing that gives me the courage to share this next chapter of my journey.

So I’d like to know what you want to know about? Please leave me some questions so that I can create some content for you guys!