Six weeks with K9!

So for the past six weeks I have been trialling Pepper on a new high-meat, low-carb diet thanks to K9 Natural and she is absolutely thriving on it! On my blog you can read more about the diet, the benefits and the positive changes it’s had on her. She is obsessed with the salmon tails!
So I’ve noticed a few differences in her even though she has been raw feed for over a year!

  • Her coat is silkier
  • Better looking stools
  • No longer constipated
  • Eats her food in about 30 seconds flat!
  • No more fussiness

I only feed her twice a day, morning and night. I generally give her beef for breakfast which is her favourite and then chicken for dinner, I add the lamb tripe topper every few days. At lunch time I generally give her a salmon tail which she is obsessed with or freeze dried lamb hearts which she also loves.

I will definitely continue to feed her on K9, I love how convenient it is, since it’s raw freeze dried it can keep in your pantry and you just rehydrate it with warm water. I am going to get Pepper some venison to try too and some of the frozen food for her daily meals as its a bit more economical. I will keep the dried version in the cupboard for when we go away since it’s so convenient and also in case I forget to take out the frozen food because life is always busy and I often forget.

More about K9:

K9 Natural is a Kiwi company producing quality dog food made up entirely of 90% meat, 5% green lipped mussels and eggs and 5% fruit and vegetables. It doesn’t include any unnecessary carbs.

Benefits of K9 Natural:

a) K9 Natural has developed a natural food range for dogs, based on a high-meat diet using an evidence based formula, to provide your dog with the perfect combination of energy, protein and nutrients for them to thrive.

b) K9 Natural is made with 90% meat, 5% green lipped mussels and eggs, 5% fruit and vegetables, vitamins and minerals and 0% nastiest – a formula that ensures happier and healthier dogs.
c) With the ever-increasing focus on health and wellbeing, understanding pet nutrition is becoming even more important d) Dogs love the taste of K9 Natural because it’s what they’re meant to eat. e) All ingredients in K9 Natural are sourced from New Zealand and conveniently come in frozen and freeze-dried forms to maximise health benefits and lock in nutrients and flavour

Check out their website K9 Natural for more info or the social media pages K9 Facebook & K9 Instagram

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I only endorse products I truly believe in.