Interiors Obsessed!

I am totally crazy obsessed with interiors!!!

My favourite art in my workroom!

Since I was a little girl I was moving my room around by myself, on the floor pushing with my legs (no wonder I have strong calves), making vignettes (I had no idea they were called that then) and even drawing pictures of the wee displays I’d made in my room.

Since buying our first home almost 2 years ago we’ve been renovating and I’ve just loved the whole process, well not the dust…but it’s been worth it.

I’ve always known I had an eye for design but I didn’t always have the confidence to do the kinds of things I’ve done since painting our whole house and transforming furniture, reupholstering, up cycling etc…learning to be savy about it because we’ve been on a tight budget since having a new mortgage, I’m sure many of you understand that!

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Kitchen/Dining! Deep coffee browns, volcano orange and pops of copper.

I also want to inspire you to be ballsy, to think a little differently and get excited about your home! We rented for 14 years before we owned our own home and I never thought we would be where we are now.  In every house I still decorated like it was my own, if the landlords didn’t allow me to paint I learnt about the juxtaposition of textures and the impact of colour and how much it can chance a space.  My hope is that my enthusiasm rubs of on you even just a little bit and I might even convince you to paint your room a colour you’ve never been confident enough to do!

Michelle x