Wallpaper Love!

I have this love affair with wallpaper, my only issue…I can never make up my mind and because I often change my mind I have real commitment issues with wallpaper!

Paint on the other hand is much cheaper when you need a change, wallpaper…not so much.  It doesn’t stop me from swooning over these wallpapers, I definitely need some wallpaper in my house, I just need to decide what and where?!!

The problem with having so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from is how to narrow them down.  I’ve narrowed it down to five and as you’ll see below these all have a subdued palette which my eye is obviously attracted to and will work with the colours I have chosen in my home….


I adore this Fornasetti Wallpaper from Cole & Son’s, described as “an atmospheric reflected depiction of Baroque Rome as seen through Fornasetti’s surrealistic eye circa 1955”.  I love this one a lot but M (husband) finds it too busy!


This is another from Cole & Son’s and I can definitely picture this in my house, I adore the Palms, it’s very Miami with an edgy twist… LOVE!!


This one from House of Hackney I just cannot stop looking at, if you look closely you can see Skulls!!! Isn’t it frikkin amazing, I think I could only handle one wall in this and I’m a little funny on feature walls but I think this could work…


I fell in love with this wallpaper a couple of years ago when Catherine Martin designed this for Mokum, inspired by the Great Gatsby film.  I adore Gatsby and all things Art Deco, I still have a sample of this hanging on my wall and was 99% sure I would order this until I saw this one below….


THIS!!! from Ellie Cashman is my all time favourite and one day when my budget allows this will definitely be in one of my rooms, it’s soo much more than wallpaper, it’s a work of art! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Which would you choose?