The reality of weight loss!


This image really sparked my thoughts today, sometimes it really irks me that the weight loss industry preys on desperate people and their want/need to lose weight, weight loss miracle pills and fad diets are rampant in the weight loss industry.  So much of the weight loss world is based on either comforting lies or unpleasant truths.

Have you ever known anyone who lost some weight and they said it was easy I just took this pill or followed this super easy diet program…and even though you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not true you wonder just “what if?” What if I took those pills or if I could “JUST” stick to that magic diet plan then all my dreams would come true, we think that weight loss will solve everything (that’s another post but trust me it doesn’t).

The other option is being faced with the truths of weight loss and what it really takes to succeed.  Most of us turn a blind eye and live in denial, I know this because I have been there, many times and hey I ain’t judging! Weight loss is HARD!!!

To lose weight generally means (for the majority of the population) a whole lot of saying no and going without when you reeeealllyyyy don’t want to, for me losing weight while not super unpleasant it certainly doesn’t make me jump for joy and yet we are sold an illusion that you can have effortless weight loss if you do a, b and c!

I’m not here to tell you any lies, I’m sure I could probably market a whole bunch of fancy pills and diet products but it’s just not who I am, I wouldn’t sleep at night!  So instead I’m going to tell you the unpleasant truths of weight loss….

It starts with setting goals, however big or small.

I lost my weight super fast but many people favour a slower more methodical change.  There’s no wrong or right way to do it.  I would caution the fast as it does tend to backfire, eventually you learn the hard way.

I believe boring old habit change is the way you do it and without changing those habits you will simply find yourself back at the beginning and having to lose weight the second time around, I know because I’ve done that too, l’ve lost a lot of weight, twice! It sucks, it really frikken sucks.

So you start by breaking down your goals and starting to change those habits, whatever they may be.  I’m not going to give you diet advice, this isn’t what this post is about.


Of course if you want habits to stick it’s best to do one a time, until you’ve mastered the first habit change and then move on to the next one.

Most of the time we fail because we want it over and done with NOW, we want the weight gone pronto and we don’t want to have to do the work.  Unfortunately fast weight loss can often lead to a whole lot of disappointment because chances are you won’t have made any real habit changes and the weight will pile back on.

Honestly slow and steady wins the race! A day at a time, a habit change at a time!