House Crush!

So last week my pad was featured on the Queen of Darkness Abigail Ahern’s house crush series.  To say I was excited is a MAJOR understatement!!!!  If you have not heard of her perhaps you’ve been living under a rock had better things to do, or you maybe just aren’t quite as obsessed with her as I am, she has the most amazing style and I’m in awe of everything she does, her blog is the one I get excited for the daily updates.

Anyway she had tweeted me last year after seeing my pad on At Mine and I was totally blown away.  We were right in the middle of renovating so I wasn’t able to send her some more photos to use until recently.  Then the morning I woke up to see “Hang out at Michelle’s” in my inbox was super frikken exciting!!!

You know I love doing interiors, I have done since I was young and doing this blog is really only a reflection of my personality and love for design.  Although I may think I’m ok at it I never really knew if it was something I should pursue or not but decided to blog about it anyway because what can it hurt right?!  So it really was the icing on the cake to be featured on her blog, totally blew me away.

If you want to read all about my pad check out the post Hang out at Michelle’s

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