Sofa Swoon!

Ok so I have seriously expensive taste and not quite the budget to allow for ALL things amazing, not many of us do have spare cash to spend on our interiors, especially when you’ve just acquired a mortgage!

I don’t think it should stop us from dreaming and trying to create the best kind of luxury we can afford.  While some items I do think are worth investing in such as decent appliances and a comfortable bed, although we had second hand for many many years.  I have no qualms about second hand, in fact I prefer it most of the time, the quality is often far better than chain store items.

The one thing I did splurge on a few years ago was a new sofa.  My first sofa at 19 was a moss green sofa that I bought from a garage sale for $20.00 it did the trick but far from my dream sofa.  Since then we have bought more expensive ones but still second hand, nothing costing more than $500.  Until 3 years ago after being in business for 5 years I decided I deserved a new sofa and I couldn’t find anything off the shelf that I loved so I got a custom made one.  It’s contemporary in style but with a little character in the rolled arms, made from high performance black velvet with custom cushions so I could change it out if I got sick of the print, I still haven’t which surprises me, I’m forever changing  my mind.  It cost over $3500 and I love it, still do, worth every penny, many comfortable nights slept on it when I’m too tired to drag myself to bed.   It was made in Christchurch so it has a 10 year guarantee, I’m sure it will last longer than that.  It’s beautiful and I really love it!

However I still swoon over a classic Chesterfield…I told you I have expensive taste, to get the kind I dream of I’m probably looking at between $6,000-$8,000!!! Yeah I know, can’t quite part with that kind of money at this stage in life but one day, one day I will have one, gotta aim high right?!! So I’ll leave you with my favourite sofas….the biggest decision would be deciding what colour…would be a good problem to have right! Lets just dream a little shall we?!….