My Food Bag

So I was sent a sample weeks worth of the Gourmet My Food Bag on Sunday 13th March.  I had actually forgotten it was coming until an hour before when they sent me a text to let me know it was on it’s way, that impressed me! They had some trouble with their deliveries that day so the produce was delivered separately to the cold food but they were very prompt with their text messaging to let me know what was going on and when it had been delivered to my door, the text arrived as soon as the courier van was driving off so I was very pleased with that service.

Upon opening the packages I was very pleased, everything packaged so it made everything very easy to put away and identify which is helpful if you have a busy fridge like mine!

On Monday night I actually couldn’t cook what was supposed to be for dinner due to having a gallstone attack, very nasty so dinner didn’t happen, instead I spent the evening at the Doctors.  I am scheduled for surgery next month.

Anyway back to the FOOD! On Tuesday I was able to eat and was pleased that the fish that was planned for Monday night was vacuum sealed so was still extremely fresh, it was an incredibly easy dish to prepare, very tasty.  I’d rate it a 7.5/10 and hubby rated a 6.5/10.  Now he is a very fussy eater and I do cook him really amazing food all the time so his expectations are abnormally high, I’ve done it to him!  He really raved about the Sauce and loved the salad, there was enough salad leftover to have it for lunch the next day which was great as I often eat leftovers for lunch.  The salad was super simple and definitely a keeper in my recipe arsenal!

IMG_1671 2


Wednesday we had the Sumac Chicken with pea, bacon, feta and cannellini beans as pictured below.  I made it exactly as planned for hubby but I adjusted mine, I cannot eat bacon at the moment due to the gallstones and I hate cannellini beans with a passion! So instead I had kumera, I thought it was a very tasty dish and again I had leftovers for lunch the next day.  I’d rate this dish a 6.5/10 and hubby rated it a 6/10.  Very delicious and good simple flavours.



Thursday night I skipped cooking as I had a hair appointment and when you’ve been waiting three months to get your hair done you don’t care what you eat! So it was a poached egg on toast!

Friday night I decided to make the Beef Sirloin with Smoky chips, spinach salsa, salsa verde (My Food Bag substituted the pink pickles with salsa verde) and chipotle sour cream.  It was exceptionally delicious, such a yummy twist on classic steak and chips, hubby rated this one 8/10 and I agree! Will definitely be making this one again!


Saturday night we had dinner out with friends so on Sunday night we had the Lamb Pizza with Feta, Rocket and Yoghurt Drizzle. It was such a lovely light dish, pizza is often such a heavy dish and don’t get me wrong sometimes I feel like that but this one was a nice change. Very tasty, rated it 7/10!  I loved that the rocket was still fresh considering it was a week later that I used it.

(sorry for the poor photo, taken inside late at night)


So my first impressions were great! I was very impressed with the quality of the food, packaging and the easiness of the recipes, it also was so great to take the thinking out of cooking which for busy people is invaluable, to be able to put a healthy dinner on the table in 20 minutes made from quality ingredients is what we all want.  Now most people will want to know if it’s worth the money…?  For $142.00 for 4 meals at first glance seems incredibly high, I know for a fact I could make 4 healthy meals at a fraction of that price!!!

BUT, now it’s a big BUT…the fact that I didn’t have to think about what to cook, shop for it and honestly it was such easy food to prepare that’s definitely where the value comes in.  If you are a busy person and tend to grab unhealthy takeaways because you are time poor or your not creative in the kitchen then I think it’s really game changing, My Food Bag is becoming incredibly popular.  Now bear in mind this is the gourmet bag hence why the price is a little higher than if you were to do a Family Bag.  Also $35.50 for two of us to have dinner and then generally some leftover for lunch the next day isn’t bad, we’d easily spend that on takeaways so in that respect it was worth it for sure.  It’s definitely worth trying and seeing if it’s suitable for your household.  I will order My Food Bags for the weeks where I know I’m going to be extra busy, I really loved how I didn’t have to think about dinner until 20-30 minutes before we wanted to eat, that was the best part in my mind.

Disclaimer: I received one free Gourmet My Food Bag packs in exchange for my honest review but as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.  I only work with companies I really like and think you’ll like too! Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Hungry for Balance.