Caramel Walls!

I have come to the conclusion that I do in fact have some sort of interiors obsessive compulsive “re-decorating” disorder 😳 after reading this fascinating post by Bianca at French for Pineapple I was like woah that scarily reminds me of myself and my desire to constantly change it up.  Sometimes I drive myself mad but I am continually faffing, changing up artwork, rearranging furniture, painting walls, you name it I do it.

I’m not afraid of hardwork, I am happy to get stuck in and do it all myself, this past weekend I’ve spent the entire weekend prepping and painting.  I’ve painted walls, skirting, architraves and the ceiling all the same colour 😳 and it looks really amazing 🙌

When you paint out a room all in the same colour it expands the room and makes it feel cohesive and bigger! It’s a decorating trick that my favourite designer Abigail Ahern talks about all the time!

My dining used to be dark espresso coffee (image above) and although I did like it I really didn’t like the contrast of the ceiling being white and the walls so dark, the ceiling has awful michaelangelo tiles which I hate and we don’t have plans on changing that right away, we will in the future but for now I needed to do something!  Hubby wouldn’t agree to paint it all out in the same colour when it was dark brown but he would if I went lighter so we came to a compromise that we’d both love.  In all honesty I think the dark brown wouldn’t have felt right being on the ceiling in this room anyway.

Enter in Tan/Caramel Walls, I had been swooning over them for a few weeks and when I put a test pot up on the walls hubby loved it and so did I.  So with no time to waste I set to the task of painting the whole room out and now I’m completely in love with this room!

It was a lot of work and I’m knackered but it feels so incredible in this room now! Such a pretty colour but with a nice depth to it ☺️
I particularly like it paired with orange and aubergine!

There’s still a lot of renovations to do in this room, I want to do custom shelving in the alcoves, change out the dining table to a long one as the round one takes up a lot of room and put in a pendant light but other than that I’m feeling so happy with the change. The new colour and painting the ceiling the same makes it feel far more sophisticated and although it’s much lighter in colour it still has such a beautiful depth so it feels cozy, LOVE!

Before I painted it this colour I liked it but I didn’t love it, it was my least favourite room in the house, now it’s my second favourite, my lounge trumps every room in this house!

Here’s some pictures for you, it is an awfully hard colour to capture in a photo as it changes a lot with different lights, sometimes it’s lighter tan and then it can look light brown, sometimes with a pinky tone to it and even a muted gold.  I just love it! Let me know what you think x