Blush Living Room

I’m rather Obsessed with Blush at the moment so when I mentioned to hubby that I really wanted to change the wall colour in our living room I was super excited that he was on board considering I only painted it grey a year ago! Also lets face it I like change and what’s an easier change than painting the walls, to me it’s only a weekend job and hubby is used to me painting something!  While the mid grey photographed well, it was another story living in a dark grey room on a daily basis, it was starting to feel a little oppressive.

For someone like myself who suffers from depression I seem to be rather sensitive to light, particularly in the winter.  Kimberly from Swoon Worthy has made this fantastic chart for those of you that may need help deciding if you want a darker room or lighter room!

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for dark rooms!  I have an Indigo bedroom which is incredibly soothing at night, I have a really dark grey/brown in my office and because it gets a soft light it really works in there and I love it.  My studio work space is black and that gets a ton of light and I really love that! However grey is a hard colour to get right, I personally think it needs to be in the right room with the right light.  However I wanted our living room to feel light and bright and it was the perfect time to change it coming into summer!
Here’s what it looked like before: Which did photograph beautifully..

and here’s how it looks now:

Quite a difference huh?!! I love it and so does Hubby! The colour changes a lot during the day, it can look quite pink, sometimes more beige (gasp!) and even apricot! I never thought I would be excited to have neutral walls again since painting so much of my house in dark tones but this just works in this room so well.   I also think the Black sofa, chair and artwork really helps to ground the space and stops it from being too feminine!

I love how the Fiddle-leaf fig just looks so gorgeous against the blush!

I personally think it looks far more sophisticated and soft! It’s definitely a calmer space to be in and feels incredibly warm in the evening.  Also check out my gorgeous 90 year old Kauri table a very good friend made for us, I absolutely love it.

I love pairing it with Brass, Green, Pinks and Burnt Orange 👌 I’m soo loving my new living room 😍

I swatched an entire wall to help us decide and lived with it for a week, I highly recommend doing that as Pinks are so different and some can look a little too sweet, best to find something with a decent amount of yellow and brown undertone which makes a slightly dirtier pink! As you can see in the photo above it’s quite a dirty dusky pink in low light and then through the mirror it shows a much warmer brighter looking pink as the sunlight is coming in the windows.

I was definitely inspired by Biancas beautiful living room makeover at French for Pineapple.  She used Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball which looks absolutely incredible in her space and I think that has a lot to do with the softer light they have in London, whereas it didn’t look right with our harsh New Zealand light.

I ended up making a custom colour with Valspar at my local Mitre 10.  It’s a very close match for Valspars Summer Sparrow only I just added a teeny bit more brown to mine to warm it up a little.  I hope that helps anyone looking for Blush Pinks!

I’d love to know what you think? Would you paint your living room Blush or a shade of Pink?