Eclectic Christmas Home Tour

I was asked to be part of the Winter Eclectic Christmas home tour by the ever so kind Jess Rey from Domicile37, along with a whole selection of wonderful bloggers.  If you are coming here from Jess’s wonderful tour at Bright Green Door, Welcome!

Here in New Zealand it’s not Winter, it’s quite the opposite, as of a couple of days ago we’ve just come into Summer and while it’s been alarmingly cold I’m pleased to feel warmer temperates in the last couple of days so I’m very happy about that!  Decorating for Christmas is a little different here, maybe not so cozy like it would be if it was winter.

To be honest I didn’t feel like my home was really good enough to be included in this tour, it’s so easy to feel like you haven’t decorated enough and so many parts of our house are still unfinished, we have architraves to go up, flooring to do, painting etc..

I’m sure my style and our house will continue to evolve over the years, this tour isn’t about showing you a perfect home, it’s about sharing my lived in home and because I love Christmas so much I figured what better time to show you how I add some Christmas Spirit! So lets get on with it….

Our living room is by far my favourite room in the house, we have spent a lot of time renovating this room and only a couple of weeks ago I painted the room from a mid grey to a soft shade of Blush which you can read about here if you are interested.

Blush Pink pairs so beautifully with Green so I was pretty excited to get my Christmas tree this year.  It’s also a particularly hard colour to capture in a photo, it often just looks beige but this photo below portrays the colour of our room the best.

Peonies are my favourite flowers and their smell is just so lovely! Between the Pine smell from the Christmas Tree, the Peonies and Vanilla Candles my house smells incredible at the moment!

Christmas to me is all about the smells, without a real pine tree it just wouldn’t feel right! My mum always made a big deal about Christmas, every year we had a real tree, normally cut down from our backyard (we lived on a very large section) and we would bake together, traditional Christmas Pudding a.k.a Plum Duff, Christmas Cake and homemade chocolates.

The Plum Duff is steamed for 8 hours in Unbleached calico and then hung to dry! My mum has been making this pudding for over 40 years so she’s a pro!

For me it’s not so much about the day, although I do love Christmas Day too but it’s about the traditions, the lead up to Christmas and spending time with family and friends that I love the most.

However I really love digging out the decorations each year and remembering the special memories of buying them and many I’ve been given over the years.  Every year I always buy a special ornament and this year I bought this beautiful starburst.

I always opt for the largest tree I can get away with.  For the past 17 years Hubby and I have continued the tradition of a real tree, it’s such a fun stressful event, now we have a proper stand it’s much easier than dealing with stones! We also had to move a rather big chaise chair out of our living room to have this tree here.  It’s always worth it though for the statement it makes in the house, like Christmas has arrived, the nostalgia I feel when gazing into the lights at night, there’s something so magical about it.

My good friend made me a very cool Christmas Wreath last year using a coffee sack which I love! I also can’t resist some Honeycomb Balls at this time of year.  I’m obsessed with Blush Pink paired with emerald green and a touch of red so I was pretty excited to get these up, I love that they make such an impact for a small cost.

My sister bought me this gorgeous wee Angel Garland from the Trade Aid shop this year, she saw it and thought I’d love it! Which I do! So sweet.

I cannot even tell you how many Maidenhair ferns I’ve bought, I always manage to kill them, they are the most high maintenance plant I’ve ever dealt with but I always have to have one around, they are just so pretty and delicate.

Our bedroom is painted a very deep indigo (almost black).  We have a fireplace in here so I always decorate the mantle in fairy lights and ornaments.  It feels so lovely to walk in at night and see the glow.

Our hallway is painted a very deep Aubergine which surprisingly pairs well with my yellow sofa, it’s a very cosy feeling in here particularly at night with more fairy lights and just a couple of Christmas touches.

I reupholstered that sofa myself, it was a big job but I’m so happy with how it came out and it only cost me $80 as I got the upholstery fabric on clearance.

How cute is this little snowman christmas cake, almost too cute to eat!

I decided on getting two trees this year! An extra one for my fitting room, I run a clothing alterations business from home so it’s always nice having two trees…not that I need an excuse, I would have a tree in every room if I had the space!

More fairy lights, because you can never have too many right?!!

I love using hydrangeas to put in the tree!

Well that’s the end of my tour, thank you for dropping by and I really hope you enjoyed checking out my pad!

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