So I have made a decision to unpublish my Facebook Hungry for Balance page, while it has a relatively decent following I’m ready to move on from blogging about food and weight loss.  I’ve been talking about this stuff for 9 years and I’m just ready for a new chapter, it’s been on my mind for the last year or so and it’s been quite hard to let it go, mainly because I wrapped up my identity in it for far too long.  These days I eat intuitively and I make mostly good choices for my body but I’m just kind of done talking about it.
I am extremely thankful for all the connections I’ve made with like minded people and hopefully people will stay in touch as my blog moves in a different direction.  I’ve already done several posts about my interior obsession but never really felt like my blog had a definitive meaning anymore, it’s not easy to transition from one subject to another.  So if you choose to stick around for my posting about interiors then I will be very grateful but I understand if that’s not your thing.  I may throw in a recipe if I so desire but my focus has definitely changed.  

We bought our first house over 3 years ago and started renovating it 2 years ago, while I’ve always been interested in interiors and even wanted to become an interior designer when I was a teenager I never persued it.  Since the renovations and just purely owning our own home and finally being allowed to paint walls and knock out a wall it has sparked my interest in quite a big way, every weekend I’m painting or changing something in my house, I get bored easily and I’m always full of ideas to try next! 

So while I’m not continuing on the subject that started my blog I’m not ready to stop blogging, I do really enjoy it and since I’m a natural oversharer I can’t imagine not sharing the process.  So feel free to follow my Instagram page michellematangi and see what I’m up to, you haven’t heard the last of me yet! X

By doing what you love, you awaken and inspire the hearts of others 💛