Firstly I just want to say big hello to all old and new followers and thank you so much for sticking around while I transition this blog from a predominantly weight loss focused blog to more of a lifestyle blog focusing on interiors, it’s certainly tough to change direction and not dissappoint some followers but I felt like it was time to end that chapter and move forward with what excites me now.

It’s been 9 years of blogging and I don’t see that changing anytime soon but the content certainly is and that’s the exciting part for me because I have always been so authentic with you guys and that is one of the reasons I felt it was so important for me to move on.  I talk to Evie Kemp about this in more depth on Episode 6 of our podcast! Oh yeah so while I’ve been gone for the past couple of months I have been busy recording podcasts for our new passion project The Pink Room.   The Pink Room is a project between Evie Kemp and myself!   We’re both passionate about interior style, finding your voice and being unafraid to design it your own way! We are both obsessed with colour, glam, thrifting, plants, art & the unique. We want to inspire you to create cool spaces you love! Head over to our blog to check it out!


The thing is that I never would have started this had I not moved away from blogging about weight loss, so I’m really thankful that I listened to my intuition and stepped away, it has enabled me to focus on the new.  My beautiful friend Jenna from The Wellness Seeker shared this with me and I was like Ohhh yeah this is so where I’m at!!!

“When you change who you’re being, you’re basically killing off your old identity, which completely freaks your subconscious self out.  Change hurls you into the unknown and puts you at risk for all sorts of loss and, of course, all sorts of unthinkable awesomeness, which is why it brings your biggest fears to the surface.” Jen Sincero from her book – You’re a badass at Making Money

Most of you probably don’t know that it took me a year to decide to stop my “Hungry for Balance” page over on Facebook and Instagram and although I had a relatively large following I felt it was time, even though it was hard to close that chapter.

So onwards and upwards to sharing and inspiring you to just do you and have fun in the process! x