Eclectic Christmas Home Tour

Isn’t Christmas just the best time of year!! Except for the the urgency of my workload, hence why it’s called the silly season! But I do absolutely love Christmas,  it can be so magical and if there’s any excuse to decorate the house then I’m up for it! If you are coming here from my friend Karrie at Maker of Home, WELCOME!!!  I was so thrilled to be asked again by Jess Rey from Domicile37, she is such an incredible host.  I really loved being part of this tour last year and although my blogging this year has been shamefully bad I still really wanted to join in as Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and I loved connecting with so many amazing home bloggers!  While my blogging has suffered this year, I am really active on Instagram and I just did a home tour with Architectural Digest which was such a dream!

As my news feed fills up with Christmas in all other parts of the world which are either snowing or freezing cold, here in New Zealand it’s Summer and my goodness for early December it has been unbelievably hot!  Christmas for New Zealanders is holidays at the beach, BBQ’s and basically entertaining outside as much as possible.  It’s a pretty relaxed vibe but no matter how relaxed Christmas day is I’m still one of these crazy christmas fairies and I just can’t help but decorate the house like a mad woman.

So lets dive in to the home tour! I was lucky enough to have my very talented friend Jenna from photograph most of my home for me!

Our living room has always been my favourite room as we spend the majority of our time in here.  I’m still absolutely loving the Blush colour, although in the next couple of years I want to add moulding to the walls and possibly go for a different neutral!  I’ve always had a love for a tinsel tree, and I scored this gorgeous champagne one, sadly it’s all sold out now! Anyway, in this room I decided to go for a candy themed tree full of donuts, candy canes, feather pink pouffes, red tin hearts and faux pink peonies and hydrangeas, I also used pink and white fairy lights.  I already had most of the decorations but this year I found the Iced donuts at the dollar shop.  I always buy new candy canes, one year I kept them and ended up with Ants all through my decorations!! You can have a little chuckle at our latest podcast episode over on The Pink Room where Evie and I have lots of laughs and we chat entirely about Christmas, plus you can get to know a little more about why Christmas is so special to me.

Initially I had tulle wrapped around this tree but I found it was distracting from the pink and red so I took it off and added a bunch more donuts and flowers and I much prefer it! Told you I was a Christmas crazy lady!!!  But it is such a fun tree and for the little girl inside of me I just love the how pink and glitzy it is! I combined Pink and Red because I’m really loving that colour combo!






Pepper is now 3 years old, we got her Christmas 2014.



Love the iced donuts so much!


Christmas Wreath I made at Petal and Prickle

I just love having fresh flowers and greenery in the house and making this wreath with a bunch of talented ladies was just soo much fun! It just needs to be watered every 2-3 days to keep it fresh and fingers crossed it will last until Christmas.


My new favourite sofa from Freedom Furniture

Jennas gorgeous dog Arlo looking like the right little dog model! I love picking Blue Hydrangeas from my garden, the colour is so vibrant and I love it with the pink!


Christmas has always been about the smells, the tree, the baking, it’s all so nostalgic to me.  Last year on the 19th of December my real tree was dying a tragic death, I have been getting real trees my entire life and I know how to care for them but I think it dying from the day we got it! I had to drag it out the back onto the lawn and quickly find a faux tree as I had 18 of our family members turning up for Christmas day and I couldn’t be without a tree. I never thought I would be someone who had a faux tree as I’ve always had a bit of faux tree snobbery but I can say I’m completely over that and now here I am with two of them.

But I also had to get a real tree, because yes I am that person with 3 Christmas trees and I have no shame!! I put this is my fitting room as I have clients who come in and out of here all day so it’s nice to have a tree in here.  I actually only just got it tonight so excuse the average photo which I quickly snapped tonight, the sun was just going down as I finished decorating it! That intoxicating pine smell has already filled the house so now it truly feels like Christmas, I also can’t help but love coloured lights and a colourful old school tree that reminds me of my childhood.  I love to lay on the ground and stare up into the lights like a little kid, I just can’t help but think something magical is going to happen.


colour tree


In the dining room I have put up my faux green tree which I decorated in soft blushes, nudes and metallics! I also made a hanging wreath out of Rosemary from my garden and mirror ball baubles, it adds such a nice touch to the dining room.  Next year I’m hoping this ceiling will be replaced and we will have some pendant lighting in here!



Some of the special ornaments I’ve been collecting for 18 years!



The view from the kitchen is my absolute favourite with two trees!


Christmas Day is so magical and I truly just love it, but for me it’s actually more about the  anticipation leading up to Christmas that I love the most, I watch as many Christmas movies as possible, I listen to Christmas music, I love wrapping presents and making homemade chocolate.  My mum always made Christmas really special for us growing up, she only stopped doing stockings for us a couple of years ago.

But Christmas eve might even be my favourite day! There’s just so much excitement around and we just love to spend time with our family and friends, we normally have platters for dinner and then Mike and I watch Christmas Movies and fall asleep under the tree!


Christmas Eve Platter

My mum bakes the most beautiful traditional Christmas Pudding a.k.a Plum Duff, she also makes Christmas Cake, christmas mince pies, homemade chocolates and her famous melting moments.  Those are all the things that truly make it feel so festive.


Mums Plum Duff


Christmas Brunch with my Family

I kept the decorating in our bedroom relatively simple, I bought these pinwheel fans last year and I thought the gold and white worked so perfect in here and add such impact.


Most of the Prints here are from and

How beautiful does my mantle look?! my friend Sophie from Petal and Prickle made this stunning arrangement for me!  She is so clever, I hope one day I can create something similar to this, I’ve done 3 floral classes so far but hanging out to do some more, it’s such a fun creative outlet and I’m obsessed with having fresh flowers in the house!



I painted my sewing room Pink about a month ago and I just love working in here!  Since I’m in here all day I decided I needed to decorate it a little, although there’s not a lot of room since it houses 7 industrial machines I certainly tried my best, there’s nothing like a Poinsettia to make it feel like Christmas plus it’s continuing the pink and red I love so much!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.41.31 pm


Neon Poodle light, Barbie Print, and Havana Calming Chaos Print from The Virtue


While I absolutely love Christmas and the spirit of giving, we actually don’t buy a lot of gifts, I normally only buy 5 gifts every year, there can be so much pressure to spend up.  Most of us get to enjoy a lovely Christmas but it’s really important to remember to spread the love if we can.  On our last podcast Evie found you can gift food to families in New Zealand, and sponsors match your donations so a little goes a long way. ❤️

I really hope you’ve loved the tour of my home and how I decorate at Christmas and hopefully it gives you some inspiration to get festive x

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